• Eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Optimize the use of vehicle
  • Save the nature!

GPS Vehicle trackingFuel consumption controlCommunicators & NavigationOptimization and routing

About us

More than 15 years of experience in GPS vehicle tracking field

Satwork founded in 2005. Core business is providing services in GPS vehicle tracking. We are specialized in creating, developing and providing services based on GPS technology, constantly developing services, reports and applications. All products are in house developed and they can be modified and adjusted to specific client`s wish. Beside core GPS vehicle tracking, we are developing and improving numerous integrated services such as fuel level measurement and fuel consumption control, application for communication between drivers and dispatcher, tracking of specific and valuable shipment, freight exchange, smart phone applications, reports and other service..

Satwork is market leader in this area in B&H. We are constantly investing in service improvement which results in increasing numbers of loyal and satisfied clients..

We employ more than 20 employees. We operate in our own premises which are fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure.


One of our strategic commitment is high quality internal organization and business process improvement.Satwork has been certified in 2010 by ICG (international Certification Group) with ISO 9001:2008 QMS standards, which are in 2016 harminized with revised ISO 9001:2015 standards. By the end of 2016 Satwork also fulfilled the requirements for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 System management for information protection and security and has been sertified by authorised institution EUROCERT. In 2010 Satwork has became a member in global association of affiliated enterprises that are operating as CD (Code Diplomatique).

In order to provide high quality service and regional positioning, we have established our companies Satwork d.o.o. Belgrade in Serbia and Satwork d.o.o. Podgorica in Montenegro¸ which also have the same core business - GPS vehicle tracking. In Croatia and Austria, we are operating through our business partners. Satwork has developed strong service network in B&H and Serbia. We also have certified mobile service teams with several purposely-equipped vehicles that are operative in B&H, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria and Montenegro..

We are participants of many international and local conferences and educations..

  • More than 15 years of activities
  • Representative offices in 5 countries
  • 100 % Customers oriented
  • Our services enable up to 30 % savings

Benefits of using Satwork services

Reduce costs of your Fleet!

All our services are created with aim to achieve better control of your fleet, to get information in-time and to reduce fleet expenses. We enable you to have information about your vehicles position, movement, speed, stopping, duration of stopping, driving stile, fuel consumption, speeding.

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Achieve your plans in time.!

Determine schedule of activities and routs for each vehicle and monitor implementation. Using our services enable you to plan activity for each vehicle and driver and monitor if the plans are achieved in time and according to schedule..

Get the higher level of providing service!

Be reliable business partner, who has all information about fleet in any time. Enable your business partners to track and trace their shipment. Improve your business with modern logistic tools.

Use modern technology

Are your vehicles used efficiently? Are they used in business purposes? Use modern solutions which will provide useful information. .

Satwork employs educated young people specialized in development and providing GPS vehicle tracking services. We are here to answer all your questions and meet your requests.

Using Satwork services you will rationalize usage of vehicle fleet and reduce fuel consumption

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Products / Services

Program for management and optimization of vehicle fleet. Act on time and cut costs

GPS Vehicle tracking

  • Vehicle overview on the map. Data available in tables and graphs.
  • Insight into direction, speed, speeding, realization of planned rout, stopping, duration and location of stopping.
  • Reports are easy available and user friendly.
Android Satwork

Fuel consumption control

  • Access to parameters read from vehicle board computer: RPM, temporary and average fuel consumption etc..
  • View of fuel dispensing and temporary fuel level in tank.
  • Information available in form of SMS, graphs and tables.
  • Requires installation of advanced devices that reads data from vehicle board computer or sensors that reads data directly in fuel tank.
Huawei Satwork

Communicators & Navigation

  • Receiving and sending text messages between operator in office and drivers. Drivers can communicate between themselves with minimum costs.
  • Requires installation of PDA device (communicator) in vehicle.
  • Navigation enables choice of routes and quick finding of desirable destination.
  • Assistance in finding direction, distance calculation, expected time of arrival.
Apple Satwork

Optimization and routing

  • Find optimal path for vehicle movement.
  • Make planes of routes on daily, weekly or monthly base.
  • Compare planned and actual routes.
Fuel consumption control directly affects reduction of unnecessary costs 30%, and that has positive impact to business efficiency and increase of profit!

Driver identificationTemperature sensorAlarms and warningsTimocom integration

Live tracking

Real time control

Quick overview of vehicle location and status

Enables you to notice unauthorized vehicle use

History of movement/stopping

Automatic report making – time savings

Review of traveled routes, mileage, speed and speeding

Increase the efficiency of employees


Easy analysis of key parameters, for example: Total mileage of all vehicles during one month

Data for activities of vehicles or group of vehicles

Possibility to compare different vehicles and periods

Safety and security

Reduced risky driving

Increased safety for employees and vehicles

Reduced possibility of traffic accidents

Travel order

Fast creating of travel order forms

Control of travel order realization

Detecting of planed travel deviation

My location plan realization

Easy planning and automatic monitoring of My location plan realization

Affects to sales force efficiency for the upcoming period

Be socially responsible and give contribution to save the environment


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